The fabulous thesis whisperer on being a first generation academic/PhD. I wonder how universal some of these issues are.

The Thesis Whisperer

At a dinner not so long ago I got into an interesting conversation with a third generation academic. She complained about her father giving her advice on how to do her PhD. I joked that this was bound to be Thesis Whisperer Jnr’s fate, but I couldn’t help contrasting her stories with my own experience.

My father was sincerely impressed when I started my PhD and pleased as punch when I completed, but he would never have dreamed of giving me advice on how to do it. You see, I’m a first generation academic – what I like to call an academic migrant.

I know my father reads the blog – hi dad 🙂 – and I’m sure he wont mind if I describe him as a highly intelligent, but largely self educated man. My father graduated from RMIT, before it was a university, with a trade certificate in…

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