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The waiting is over. My corrections have been approved, my thesis printed and bound, my laptop returned to the faculty and I am now officially finished!

It’s a great relief for it to be done, but it’s also a bit sad. I’ve been working on this subject for the past 6 years (if you include my masters work) and even though I was ready for it to be done, finding myself without it has been a bit of a shock. It really is finished (well, except for the book!) It’s a bit strange to have all of the free time in the evenings, which I am not filling with procrastination or with guilt. Instead I am wishing I still had a project to work on! I guess there is no pleasing some people – I wanted a break and now it’s here I don’t want it any more! I’m sure I will get used to it.

Now to order the attractive robe for graduation!