When you start a PhD everyone tells you you will get sick of your subject, that you will work hard, that you will constantly feel guilty if you aren’t working, that you work at all and any hours of the day. But no-one talks about the end of PhD and what that looks like.

Here is what the end looks like – its filled with waiting. I submitted originally in September and since then I have waited, did a day of work, waited, did around 6-8 weeks of work and now I’m back to waiting again. There is just so much waiting and nothing I can do to speed up the process, which makes the waiting even more frustrating.

Currently I am waiting to hear from my examiners to see whether my corrections are adequate. It is likely that even if they are deemed adequate that there will be a few more correction (typos etc) which will mean another couple of hours work, followed by resubmission, followed by more waiting. I understand that the process needs to be fair and robust, but it seems to me like it needs to be a little more streamlined. There really is so much waiting to hear before I can even start the next step, which is so frustrating. Hopefully I am at the end of the waiting stage and will get the all good email shortly. But until then, I will keep waiting