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Post viva, facing a list of corrections is, if I’m honest not a great start to the year. Staring at the list of corrections feels a lot like staring at a list of failures, rather than the constructive criticism it is meant to be. It’s pretty easy to accept the typos and the obvious mistakes but some things are harder to take than others.

It’s pretty difficult to look through the list and still think that I am approaching the end of the PhD. To me the list seems like a huge wall that is getting in the way of reaching the finishing line. I’m not too sure how to break down the wall, but I have some time to do so. It’s tempting to give up, to ignore looking at the list of failures, but I think that would be a mistake. Right now, my job is to keep working on the corrections – or at the very least increase the amount of time I can look at the list of corrections until I get so angry I throw it across the room!