So, I have now submitted my PhD and I am waiting for my Viva. I have received the date for this – which is in a couple of months and I am completely panicked!

I have written my thesis, read it through, checked for spelling errors and now I am stuck in a place where I have very little to do in order to prepare for it. Sure, I can read my thesis through, become really familiar with my finished thesis, keep up-to-date with recent productions, but this really isn’t the ‘active’ behaviour I am used to. Throughout the PhD, if there was a problem, an issue, a milestone, or anything really, I was able to go out, read/write/work towards a solution. Instead now I just have to wait until I find out what the examiners think of my thesis, and ultimately no amount of preparation I can do between now and then will really change their mind. This is quite a change and one that is taking a bit of getting used to!