Just back from this year’s social history society conference in Newcastle. I had a really good time, met (and re-met) lots of people and listened to some really interesting papers. It’s always good to go to conferences and find papers given on youth in the UK, especially ones that happened during the period that I study, and at this conference there were quite a few. Tom Hulme’s ‘Making citizens in Interwar Manchester and Chicago’, Sian Pooley’s paper on children writers in the popular press before 1918,  and within my own panel, Sian Edward’s paper on the Girl Guide movement and courtship education. These were all really useful papers which hopefully will have a positive effect on my research and help to add some wider context to my own work. It’s also really good to see where the Jewish community fits into the wider British community. Sian Edwards spoke about Basil Henriques – the leader of the Oxford and St Georges Jewish Club and Tom Hulme spoke about the Jewish Lads’ Brigade amongst other groups. This is particularly helpful, sometimes studying the one community you can end up being fairly insular and focused that you forget that there is a world outside of that community. For me, I think that was perhaps the most useful part of this conference, as it really helped to remind me of the wider society.

Am looking forward to next years conference now!