Yesterday was the conference of the Humanities graduate student group at Southampton. This conference was organised by students and the theme of adaptation and assimilation, fit beautifully with my own research. I presented a paper in the first session along with Holly Dunbar, presenting on Irish Women. This was the first time I presented at a conference in Southampton and it was a little bit scary because I knew so many people in the audience. Despite that I think I did a pretty decent job. I’ve started to present without using notes, instead using the slides as prompts, which as I now know the topic pretty well isn’t too much of a challenge and I don’t have to worry about getting my paperwork in a muddle. Both mine and Holly’s papers went pretty well together as both of us looked at gender, and spoke about femininity. Outside of my own presentation, I attended sessions a panel on monsters which had papers on post 9/11 Vampires, Frankenstein in Baghdad and mummies in Victorian literature. I also chaired a session on translations which featured a paper on translations of children’s books into Russian and translating the TV show ‘The Nanny’ into Italian. The papers were quite diverse but all worked pretty well together