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I haven’t made many new posts in a while as I have been concentrating on writing the first draft of my final chapter.It hasn’t been going too well to be honest. I know that I find the writing part the hardest, so I have a tendency to put it off until the last minute, instead concentrating on researching, planning and going off on incredibly detailed tangents. This is obviously not ideal and I need to work out how best I can avoid that in the future.

This month I unfortunately missed a working deadline by quite a way. Obviously, it’s not the end of the world, and I have managed to reschedule, however, I need to make sure that I learn from my mistakes and actually apply myself to the writing process, rather than the researching process.

Does anyone have any suggestions? One of the things that I have started doing again is writing my (very detailed) schedule into my diary with a to-do list for every day. This seems to be helping, but I am still putting off the writing by not actually including it with as much importance as I should!