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I haven’t posted in a little while as I have been off on archives visits and preparing for my upgrade last Friday (which I passed – thankfully!) I thought now might be a good time for a new blog post. I recently discovered a website that lets you add tags to pictures, so I have had a play with it and tagged a couple of images. Both images are taken of camp Sabbath services for the Jewish Lads’ Brigade. The first was taken in 1911, the second in 1937. Hopefully you will notice the difference between the two pictures – the first is showing a fairly informal set-up, the second is showing a much more traditional arrangement.

Jewish Lads’ Brigade Camp Service, 1911

Jewish Lads’ Brigade Camp Service 1937

Hopefully you agree with me about the differences between the two images. I would be very interested to hear what you think so let me know.

Also, thank you to the University of Southampton Special Collections services for the two images